Sign o’ The Times?

This is Vista del Rio, a 7-story condominium building located at 624 SW 1 ST in the Riverside neighborhood of Miami (one of the first neighborhoods established in the city) and one of several residential projects (along with Neo Lofts, Havana Lofts, Morrison Condos, etc.) that are/were to serve as catalysts for the renaissance of the neighborhood (specifically SW 1 ST).

At one point, the project was marketed for sale on-site as well as online. Pre-construction prices for one and two bedroom units were starting at $179,900.

As I drove by several days ago, I noticed a banner hanging from a second floor balcony railing of the nearly completed condominium project.

A closer look brought yet another sign to my attention.

I know very little about this project. A quick Google search didn’t turn up any relevant information either.

Are there any Vista del Rio contract holders out there who can share their story with us? Inquiring minds, specifically those who bought and/or live in the area, would like to know.

Adrian Salgado is a Realtor Associate with RED I Realty in Miami, FL and can be reached at 305-491-7179 or



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4 responses to “Sign o’ The Times?

  1. Moniqua

    Woooo! The plans to drive the hood out of Little Havana didn’t seem to work! I guess the hood is driving out the elite instead! Survival of the fittest…

  2. Adrian Salgado

    Only the strong survive. Social Darwinism at its very finest.

  3. Nelson

    Section 8 would be the kiss of death for a complex that wants to attract upwardly mobile downtowners.

    Not that Section 8 dwellers are undesirables, but offering subsidized housing is not exactly an incentive to buy or rent there unless you are in the poverty bracket.

  4. Jorge Caste

    Oh Boy! There goes the neighborhood!!

    The more things change the more they stay the same… ( I really hate cliche’s)

    The same thing is happening with Lennar’s projects-(no pun intended) in Hoestead. Brand spanking newTHomes with Sec 8 in there and it’s worse cuz some of the owner’s are collecting rent & sec 8, but NOT paying the Mortgage! Heard of one case where it went on for 1.5 years before lender came after the guy!!!!

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