Secret Roads: Because the World’s on the Move

Is vehicular traffic getting more and more congested with each passing day?

Does the price of gas make you think twice about idling in traffic on your way to visit frenemies?

Does the young lady cruising in the Kia Spectra while “texting” her boyfriend and applying Maybelline Pink Diamonds #430 on I-95 scare you more than the thought of a Caucasian president in 2009?

You may be in need of

a secret road.

One that allows your right foot to apply more pressure to accelerator and less wear on brake pads. One that doesn’t take your blood pressure to 160/110 in 3.2 seconds. One that doesn’t make you reach for that double-shot bottle of Black Label resting in the glove compartment (along with plastic spoons from Wendy’s, napkins from Starbucks, condoms from LifeStyles, and other unidentifiable miscellaneous items) in case of emergencies.

This “secret” 6-lane road (3 each way) divided by a “landscaped” median is quickly becoming one of my personal favorites. As a matter of fact, it’s currently in heavy rotation. It provides a north/south alternative to those looking to get from Point A to Point B in the central/eastern part of town without having to deal with the multi-talented chick on I-95 during rush hour.

NW 22 AVE north of SR 112 is my secret road of the moment.

What’s yours?

Adrian Salgado is a Realtor Associate with RED I Realty in Miami, FL and can be reached at 305-491-7179 or



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6 responses to “Secret Roads: Because the World’s on the Move

  1. lu

    You worry me for many reasons but the two most pressing are that you know the numbers associated with make up (not just any make up, but maybeline no less). The other reason is that you keep condoms in your glove box. What are you 16? I’m sure the Miami heat does wonders for those suckers!

  2. Adrian Salgado

    “you know the numbers associated with make up (not just any make up, but maybeline no less)”

    Heard of google before? (By the way, you missed an “l” in Maybelline.)

    “The other reason is that you keep condoms in your glove box.”

    EVERYONE keeps a spare. At least I thought they did.

  3. Nelson

    I just wanted to warn your readers that your secret road goes right through the inner city and those who are faint of heart may be taken aback by the landscape and its inhabitants.

  4. Adrian Salgado

    The landscape and its inhabitants are part of the allure, wouldn’t you say?

    “Keep it real” (or something like that) is the phrase.

  5. Monica

    I knew just by looking at the picture what street you were talking about because I use it alllll the time. I love driving through the hood! It makes you wonder what kind of life you have when you’re working at 12:00 p.m. on a Tuesday and they’re playing dominoes under the shade of a tree!

  6. lolly

    My secret road is sw 16 street. It gets me from Westchester to Gables in minutes inthe mornin.

    OK how did we go from secret roads to lipsticks and worn out condoms in the glove compartments?????

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