Bye Bye O.B. – The End of an Era

I’m at a loss for words.

Another local landmark fell victim to heavy machinery and I was left to witness it all by my lonesome. Well, the demolition crew was present, but they were too busy sharing jokes, laughing and taking the O.B apart to notice that I was there.

An unfortunate middle-aged gentleman sporting a wide toothless grin was there as well. He was just too busy looking for his next fix to notice that a historic moment was taking place right before his glassy eyes.


That’s the only word I can use to describe the feeling I had this morning. I looked around as if to share some words of solace with someone – anyone, but no one shared my sense of urgency. Cars zoomed by, pedestrians hurried to the bus stop and las viejitas swept the sidewalk.

I could go on and on and on about what the Orange Bowl meant to me. The memories that it created. The fun that it inspired. But it’s not about me. It’s about the demolition of yet another landmark at a time when this city struggles most with creating an identity…

Ah, f*#k it. Nobody cares about that.

What’s your greatest O.B. memory?

I want to know.

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18 responses to “Bye Bye O.B. – The End of an Era

  1. Juan

    The only memory I have is picking up my son on a hot summer afternoon some 10 years ago, when a movie (I think Al Pacino was in it) about a football team, was being filmed and the OB was one of the locations….(they needed a lot of extras to fill the stadium seats)…

    Change!! How unsetteling…but, as I hear some people say : “Life is a continuous process of change”… Perhaps it’s time for a new “OB” (or whatever it will be called) and new memories to be created…

    Then again, nothing wrong with holding on to past memories… How unsettling…I can’t make up my mind (lol..)


    Many memories….used to go to almost all the CANES games in an 84′ Cadillac Sedan Deville (tru-dat) with cousins, brothers, M & D, and Tio.
    Like 8 of us in that tank! Same lil old man used to charge us “teng dola’ no bloke-in”. We were like 13 yrs old, so we’d walk to the student section to ck out all that UM HOTTIES, if the game sucked, we’d go throw paper planes & rolls of TP of the top level. Was there for the gr8 NEBRASKA game and the BC- Fluite bomba too!! What a shame…..but if the Marlins get the deal done, my kids & I will mos-def start the cycle all over again and I will surely reminisce.


    Sorry, I should’ve figured that website would actually exist! Here’s a good one for you.

    Those poor lil’ old men are gonna be out of that parking money !! #%#%$#%@^!@#$

  4. Nelson

    Very sad indeed. Although the grand dame was never the same after the Dolphins left and the college Orange Bowl game moved to Pro Player Stadium.

    There is no sense of history here, imagine Fenway Park or Wrigley Field being torn down. Your Yankees are making the same mistake tearing down the old Yankee stadium site of so much history.

    My favorite memories of the Orange Bowl, going there to see Miami High play Coral Gables High in the early 70’s and catching a couple of Dolphin games during the heady championship years (Kiick ,Czonka and Morris in the backfield).

  5. Cristy

    How sad.

    Even I can share lots of memories of the Orange Bowl. Can you imagine those that came from Mariel in 1980? That was their first home.

    Wow, it gives me goose bumps to even think about it.

    Great pictures and great article, once again!

  6. major13one

    Great memories getting thrown out for taunting the visiting fans, the Barcadi tent, meeting Lou Holtz and opening the parking gate for him lol. He thought that I worked there. So did the ten cars that I let in and charged only $5 bucks. Ha, I came out winning there!!!! We will miss the OB, but bring on the Miami Marlins.

  7. itsraisa

    SAD :/

    WOW so many memories are being demolished! High school rivals with South Miami Cobras vs CG Cavaliers, Dolphin Games, UM National Championships, Michael Jackson Concert, The Tail Gate parties, Dolphins games with Bob Griese, Larry Czonka, when we had a real team….And the 1980 “Mariel” picking up the family memebers….. I will always have those memories! ” THE BEAT GOES ON!”

  8. You’re not alone man. Though I never went there for any actual football games, the Rolling Stones back in ’90 and U2 back in ’88 were more than enough to prompt me to go an take pictures of the place when I was in Miami last November. An uncle of mine used to own a small apartment building right across it, and I remember walking around the parking lots and the stadium itself quite a bit as a kid. So I hear ya, feel ya, and too am quite distraught to see the picture you posted up of the bowl halfway through demolition. Nice to know, I’m not alone either in my nostalgia.


  9. Monica

    Wow! I saw Madonna at the OB back in 1987…and something I’m less proud about, I saw Gloria Estefan too back in 1992! I also remember back in 2006 when we had those 2 hurricanes, families lined up at the OB to apply for emergency funds! Sad to see it go…can’t agree more with Stealth! I had a lot of clients whose families would get food on their tables by charging for parking for events at the OB. No one cares about that though…sad to see society so driven by money and the “bigger” causes that don’t matter!


    My god, I totally forgot about the Phins’ memories….Marino’s deep passes on stride to Clayton & Duper! Nat Moore’s getting sandwiched & up ended after the catch!

    Honorable mentions: wide right (X’s 3) & wide left against the NOLES. Oh yeah….nobody has mentioned the MONSTERS OF ROCK TOUR!!

  11. Papita

    OMG! How can I forget. When I first read this, I said to myself, how awful, I can not recall any memories. I went back today after my ‘sis’ said, you gotta go back.

    I also saw my fav “Madonna” … this was an awesome concert. And I remember it was pouring rain, yet it was great. I also saw Michael Jackson at the OB, after having seen him front row in Gainsville, we traveled back to Miami to see him way up there in the stands of the OB. All worth it!

    But most of all, I have to say I remember going with my uncle Alberto to Lums down the street from the OB. Yeah – it was the ‘old hood’ for me as a kid. Lived blocks away from the OB.

    Thanks for the memories kiddo!

  12. Excuse me while I wipe my tears.

    I remember being too young to see any of the aforementioned shows. I wanted badly to see the King of Pop at the O.B., but had no one to take me.

    The Police, Pink Floyd, Prince, The Stones, U2, The Eagles, Madonna, Metallica all graced the O.B. at one point or another.

    Rain-soaked bleachers for UM football games (notably Penn State in ’99 – Chafie Fields down the sideline to beat UM with less than 2 mintues left while I sat on the 3rd row on the 50 yd line on the Penn State side ), getting hammered in the Bacardi tent before the game, getting hammered in the parking lot after the game, playing 2-on-2’s with Mickey Green Eyes falling flat on his face (while swearing that he was God’s gift to women), nearly losing a molar after biting into an olive seed inside a sub sandwich given to me by the Italian Stallion, picking up family members in 1980, making ridiculous lines to urinate in bathrooms the size of a port-a-let, high school football games in a (practically) empty stadium, throwing tennis balls into the field from the upper deck (when I was young, of course), sitting in the student section, Hector’s lechon parties at Grove Mini Park, tailgates at the Robert King High Tower Public Housing Facility…

    Aaah, tissue please.

  13. d-

    My first concert ever NOT involving a Puerto Rican boy band was at the OB. U2’s 1987 Joshua Tree tour. I almost didn’t make it after my mother caught me trying to smuggle two beers out of the house. She took them away…but THANKFULLY still let me go to the show. And what a show it was! Even from the last row of the nose bleed. I’ve had a love affair w/ live music ever since. And, come to think of it, the shirt I bought at the concert is still in one piece (barely) even as the OB no longer is.

  14. Lolly

    I remember when I was a part of the University of Miami’s Band as a Flagette. All the games and excitement upon entereing the bowl, especially during halftime, while the drums were rolling. At least we have memories that no one can take from us. We experienced it for ourselves. It’s a sign that we are getting damn old.

  15. Lolly,

    Were you the one wearing the daisy dukes twirling the baton or the one wearing the daisy dukes and high boots waving that big a*s flag around?

    I used to make fun of color guards back in the day. Boy was I dumb! I should’ve hollered at the color guards and left the bougie girls alone.

    Lesson learned.

  16. Scott

    My dad taking me to MNF game on 12/27/82 vs. Buffalo (Dolphins won 27-10). For a kid living in Pennsylvania visitig his father in Miami during X-mas, it was awsome to see the famed OB on MNF in person. My father took me to see Marino’s first ever game in Miami in 1984 vs. the Indy Colts (preseason game). My dad took me to my first ever NFL game vs. Denver in 1981. My father is dead and the OB is the only stadium I ever went to with him. I didn’t find out about his death until years after he died. No funeral or gravesite. Sadly, the OB was father’s gravesite for me. Now it’s gone. Glad I got to come back and visit the OB one last time in ’07. RIP.

  17. Thank you for sharing that with us, Scott.

    My condolences.

  18. YLIAN

    I remember making a mile long line to buy tickets for the dolphins/baltimore colts 1971 AFC Championship game. Dolphins won 16-0.
    My uncle Tanga and cousin Soly were there with me. U2 concert in dec 1987…wow! Hurricanes winning 95% of the time at the OB.
    But my #1 memory was playing basketball with my buddies…Chunky, Mariano, Papini, Tico,
    Mouse and Eddie Soccoro….tears what beautiful memories. Long live the OB!!!

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