That’s Wrong Vol. 1 (El Caballo)

I’m anxiously cutting through back roads. I need to get to the 2-1-7 as fast as I can. Jeter’s gotta get out. Poor guy has been home alone all day and needs relief fast. He doesn’t spell relief R-O-L-A-I-D-S. He spells it P-I-S-S.

Interlude: “Jeter” is my parents’ 7 year old Viszla/Rhodesian Ridgeback, not the 3-time Gold Glove award winner with a career .317 batting average who was named American League Rookie of the Year in 1996, World Series and All Star Game MVP in 2000 and American League Silver Slugger in 2006 & 2007. Not the one with 4 championship rings either.

As I head west on a nondescript stretch that separates Coral Gables from West Miami, I notice this


and I can’t contain myself. I had to pull out the Canon Powershot SD 450.

Can any appraisers out there please tell me how much value this work of art adds to the property?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Adrian Salgado is a Realtor Associate with RED I Realty in Miami, FL and can be reached at 305-491-7179 or


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15 responses to “That’s Wrong Vol. 1 (El Caballo)

  1. lollypop

    Iguess they were tired of the same gallos that all Cubans put in front of their houses.

  2. Rob

    Overimprovement is an understatement here my friend…. Coño how tacky! It’s more like, sir if you remove the paso fino from the front of your home you will probably get more money for your home you moron! No no pero yo tenia un caballo igualito a ese en la finca mia en cuba….que clase de personaje!

  3. LoreL


    De Madre… Is that symbolic of the stallion that potentially lives in that house??? Who in their right MINDS would allow such a thing in front of their homes??? I wonder if city zoning has gotten wind of this… There’s got to be some sort of regulation against this!!!

  4. Papita

    And I thought I had seen it all … Did anyone notice – it has lights so that you don’t miss it in the evening hours either.

  5. LoreL

    And the lights are in different colors… There’s a yellow one, a red one and it looks like a blue one…

    Adrian you’re going to have to give us the address to do a drive by!!! Hehehehehe

  6. squirel master

    Oye, you shot a picture of my neighbors house!!
    JJJJaaaaaJJJAaa. (J/K)
    But seriously I was talking to my neighbor a couple days ago and he was telling me he was thinking of putting two of those things in front of his house. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH. I have known him for a long time so I told him he was crazy and not to do it. But he already put these to other six foot statues in the enterance of his house, I wish I could post a picture of it on here so everyone can see this. I know it just a matter of time before he puts the horses up and I am going to have to look at these dam things everyday!!!!!
    As far as value goes, I think I would give it a negative adjustment…..What if that big hunk of crap falls on somebody and then get electrocuted with the lights…

  7. Adrian Salgado

    Papita & LoreL,

    Good observation with the lights!

    Scavenger hunt.

    First person to identify this property and provide everyone else with the address gets his/her very own Clydesdale (courtesy of me) in front of his/her home.

  8. For a second there, I thought you had taken a picture of the newly renovated Hialeah Park Race Track. Naturally I thought about my dawgs, Los Primeros, and their recent chart-dropping single…but I realized that they used the imperative tense, not the past tense, in their song (“Hialeah, save the park!” vs. “Hialeah saved the park!”=>big diff)

    Then, it hit me…like a sucker punch in the face…or perhaps a horsekick to the groin…that these people stole Hialeah High’s mascot from the campus and are displaying their loot on their front lawn like la Caridad del Cobre. Well you ain’t foolin nobody! GIVE HIM BACK!!!

    Notable HHS alumnus, Rick Sanchez, has had a private investigator on this case for years now, but you solved the case in one day. Great work, [Real Estate] Agent 305 Salgado…another mystery solved. Your next mission is to sell this house. Mission: Impossible(?)

  9. Maggie

    I’ve got your next “I can’t believe they put that there” house… check out one on 37th Avenue and maybe Bird Road… house must be 500 square feet, but the stallion is standing tall!
    This was great Adrian!

  10. Adrian Salgado


    Raul told me about that.

    I had never really seen these horses out in front of people’s houses, but after I posted this everybody is telling me about the one they know about.

    There seems to be one around Belen that everyone raves about.

  11. Yep, I’ve seen the one around Belen… hahaha……


    Why don’t you take a picture riding this piece of crap!

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  14. Down South we’ve been laughing at some guy who must have had a windfall or un tio que trabaja en la factoria. He’s got at least 12 10 footers in his back yard, all 3,000 square feet of it. Apparently he hasn’t gotten the memo that less really is more. It’s disgustingly hideous.

    Maggie Dokic

  15. Adrian Salgado

    Minimalism (less is more?) isn’t really our forte in South Florida.

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