Calle Ocho


The first day of spring, St. Patrick’s Day, Palm Sunday, Easter, my birthday and…


Yep. Calle Ocho everyone.

What else is there to do on a hot and humid Sunday afternoon after church and brunch?

Festival gear in check, I grabbed my Canon Powershot SD 450 and set out to brave the streets and elements of Calle Ocho. But before I ran up the miles on my New Balance 991s, I had to go over my rules one last time.

Calle Ocho Rules:

1. Roll solo. Clans, posses, crews and cliques.

2. Limit self to 1 beer/alcoholic beverage per hour.

3. It’s OK to look – just don’t stare.

4. Manitos atraz. No se toca.

Let’s see how things went:

After seeing this (note Sapporo)


you know what happened to rule #2, right? And after demolishing, not breaking, rule #2 you know what happened to rule #3, right? And after…

You get the point.


When did it become OK for “thugs” to pluck their eyebrows (I’m talking shape, arches and all)?

Does one size really fit all?

Is my generation filled with doom and disease?

Is nationalism good, bad or does it even matter?

Adrian Salgado is a Realtor Associate with RED I Realty in Miami, FL and can be reached at 305-491-7179 or


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14 responses to “Calle Ocho

  1. Xiomara

    You are so funny, i read this to Egan and he tripped laughing, he said ohh my GOD my friend is weird… You know him, he didnt even know you had this blog…. this was funny though… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! much love…

  2. squirel master

    What’s up with Nacho Libre??? That was pretty funny…

  3. Ivy

    All I have to say is…WOW. How times have changed. Is that the same place we used to go to when we were young? What a shame.

  4. Maribel

    Your a brave soul going there. I am sure rule #3 was broken right away. One word “HORRIBLE”!!!

  5. Papita

    OMG! Buddy I gootta agree with the above comment, you are one brave soul. I actually calculated the time I was there last and it was exactly 21 years ago. I promised myself I would never be back.

    What a shame ~ this is probably one of the few “Cuban” things to do in town and I don’t want to be a part of it.

    Oh and by the way – did you really think you would stick to rule #2?

    Love ya!


  6. Adrian Salgado

    It’s funny. Kiwanis now holds an event the week before Calle Ocho for the “other classes” i.e. Carnaval on the Mile – which was straight up boooooring this year.

    Calle Ocho is the original Kiwanis street festival. Has it changed? The answer to that is obvious.

    However, I had a blast yesterday! I can’t remember the last time I had that much fun at Calle Ocho or any other street festival for that matter (the $1 Sapporos, which were 22 oz by the way, may have had something to do with it).

    The vibe was strictly party. I didn’t witness any aggression whatsoever. Everyone was just doing their thing, drinking their drink and having a good ole time.

    I think people need to change their attitude about Calle Ocho. The “other classes” need to come back and participate if they want it to go back to what it once was. Staying home and pointing the finger at your TV and your computer screen isn’t going to change anything.

    I, for one, don’t mind it the way it is right now – “it is what it is”.

    You don’t go to Calle Ocho to have some holsum family fun. You go to show your kids that life isn’t lived inside a bubble, that everyone is not given the same opportunities in life.

    Those very people photographed may cross paths with your kids one day. Will they know how to communicate with them?

  7. LoreL

    I had been on a Calle 8 hiatus since about 1993 or so… Eventhough I live about 8 blocks from the epicenter of it all… This year marked my triumphant return.

    But I do have to say it was kind of interesting and I have to admit, that I did have fun… GASP!!! Well we had it all planned. My super planner of a boyfriend had scoured the schedules and knew exactly who was playing and where, so we had a plan. We even took folding chairs and packed a picnic… We made it all the way out to 8th Ave. I had to swing by the Power96 stage to see if I got a glipmse of Mr. 305 himself, but no luck… I did get to see DJ Laz (the pimp with the limp) perform… (I’m 31 years old and I still listen to Power96… Sue me!!!) It took us about a 45 minute or so to walk back home.

    But I did get to see how the other half lives… The other half that didn’t go to catholic school, whose parents didn’t tell them they weren’t going out dressed like that, etc…

    So I’m now looking forward to next year’s Calle 8…

  8. $1 Sapporo?? Who were you kidding? hahaha… Rule #2 was out the window. Thanks for the Calle Ocho update!

  9. Lolly

    I can’t believe you actually went out to brave the calle ocho festival. I do belive that it has lost it’s “cache”. But I’m glad you went to critique and bring us your sarcasm. So how many numbers did you get? Remember watch where you put that mouth!!!!

    Love ya,

    Lala, aka chocolatecocolisciousmama 🙂

  10. Adrian Salgado

    Lala (chocolatecoclisciousmama),

    I’ve matured (stop laughing). This is strictly work. I’m a street reporter gathering information for my loyal readers.

    The only numbers I collect these days are leads that translate into closed sales.

    No te rias!

  11. Mr. Salgado,

    I, for one, applaud and admire the “audacity” you had to attend an event like this…the “bravery” you showed to wake up and become an active member of your community…and the “strength” you exhibited by not bustin’ out laughing every time you encountered one of the fine specimens of human life (well, I’m not so sure you succeeded in that last area, but that one is not important). What I find most hilarious (or hilavious to those of you from the BK) is that there is little that separates those who cast their critical fishing lines from up above into the sea of purported debauchery from those who are swimming in it. They come from the same places, speak the same language, share the same values of family and friendship, and oftentimes come from the same income bracket. However, it seems like something went awry along the way that gave some the false sense of entitlement to cast judgment from afar (as you said, through TVs and computer monitors) on others just looking to have a good time. So, I say, continue being a PARTICPANT observer, Brotha Adrian, for it is that firsthand knowledge and experience that will take you places in life.

    As for me, I am counting down the days for what has proven to be one of the most debaucherous events this country–or perhaps this planet–has ever seen…a day on which my boricua compatriots join hand-in-hand to celebrate everything that La Isla Del Encanto has given to this world, i.e. Jennifer Lopez, her ass, her face, mofongo, alcapurrias, Ricky Martin (much to the chagrin of PRs all around the world), the Bronx, etc.: THE PUERTO RICAN DAY PARADE IN NYC!!! I can only hope to follow in your footsteps and step into the cage that society attempts to place around these people—or shall I say exit the cage that society attempts to place around me?!? All I can say is that I would much rather wear shorts, a t-shirt, and a PR bandana, watching women in uterus cutters shake their ovaries to some lyrical poetry (read: reggaeton) sipping my $1 drink than stand in my designer jeans, designer t-shirt, complete with sunglasses (at night), paying $48 for a well rum ‘n Coke (R), watching women get upset at the mere suggestion of bobbing our heads together to some techno tunes. I know which is my idea of fun.


    I like big butts and I cannot lie……

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