El Pasado | Un Futuro

The Past, The Future

I usually don’t share intimate, personal moments on my blog (or anywhere else for that matter). However, today we celebrated the life of the family matriarch, a woman responsible for raising four (4) of her own children, three (3) others that literally showed up on her doorsteps, seven (7) grandchildren, and one (1) great granddaughter – the notorious one, Nina Vic (pictured above).

She planted the seeds.

She watched them grow.

She leaves us with a beautiful garden filled with an array of colorful flowers and the sturdiest of trees.

Descanza en paz, Abuela. Tu alma y tus memorias – todas positivas – viviran para siempre.

Disfrutastes, negra!

Me alegro mucho.



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12 responses to “El Pasado | Un Futuro

  1. LoreL

    The way to truely celebrate the lives of the ones that we love is to celebrate and enjoy them while they are here… And you did enjoy her!!! There will always be a memory that only you will have, hold on to it, and cherish it. She’s now in a better place, but will always be with you.

  2. Lorena,

    Thanks for your words. And thanks for sharing that moment with us.

  3. Pipita

    I believe that wine gets better with time – both you and I know how much she loved that! She was an incredible woman – she will always remain in our hearts. Your words are exceptional and could not have described her better. always here for all of you …. Pipita ….

  4. Adrian Salgado

    Pipita, thank you and your family for always being there through thick and thin, the joy and the sorrows.

    We are lucky to have lots of very good memories and funny stories to share with future generations.

    Here’s to her memory and here’s to us. Cheers!

  5. Mari & Your Padrino

    She definitely lived a happy and positive life. She is a true example of how we should all live our lives.

    What a spirit!

  6. Adrian Salgado


    Was that you I saw the other day or an impostor? If it was an impostor, I’m sorry to say, but I prefer to see the impostor more often.

    Many thanks as always!

    Make sure the Godfather takes good care of himself (easier said than done, I’m sure).

  7. Sandy & Jorge Mesa

    AD….your words were beautiful and truly described the amazing woman she was. We will always keep her in our prayers and try to live as she did everyday with a smile on her face and full of life and joy.

    Love you.

  8. Jenny

    As always you and your family are in our hearts and in our thoughts…

    It was a pleasure to share good times with Ana… Era otra cosa… Estupenda…


    Jenny, Leo & Lux Valentina

  9. Adrian Salgado

    Thank you, Sandy. And thank all of you for your continued support.

    Although it may come across as a cliche, what you said – “live as she did everyday with a smile on her face and full of life and joy” – is really how she lived for the most part.

    She truly enjoyed her role as the family matriarch, which is why she was so good at it. She never babied or sugar-coated anything for us (her grandchildren). She was a straight shooter and I love her for that.

  10. Adrian Salgado


    Wish you were here (Pink Floyd). I know you were away willingly giving your hard earned $$$ to the Mouse, but I know you and the rest (your mom immediately comes to mind) had our backs.

    When are we doing enchiladas and wine and Depeche Mode 101 live from the Rose Bowl in Pasadena (just for Manolete)?

  11. Francis Alvarez Fojo

    Querido primo Adrian por este sitio leí lo que me mandó mi prima siento mucho tu dolor y lo ahgo mio tambien recibe todo mi amor y mi cariño, eres un triunfador besos tu prima de Cuaba

  12. Adrian Salgado


    Agradezco tus palabras. Separados por un poquito mas que 90 millas, pero por lo menos tenemos esta avenida para comunicarnos.

    Saludos a todos en la isla – no sabes cuanto pienso en lo que pudo haber sido mi vida alli.

    Un beso y un abrazo.

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